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Conversation Between Shinobu Angel and Naruisdabest

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  1. Stroking your grey beard ….. hahahahahah that's chey alright, I recall very well you having this peculiar sense of humor… pointing at your manly feats I mean
  2. Indeed… 14 years, that's a crazy long time haha… oh man I must have had serious issues placing that as my forum signature hahahah… FYI: Fukupuroa is the sound that comes out of keitaro when sent flying with a punch… I also found that hilarious back then!
  3. Love naru or kill yourself
    and go to hell!!!
  4. Wow. So in 2015 you were in med school, now in 2018 you graduated med school... Next time I message I don't know what you will be doing! Curing cancer or something.

    Another fun fact... We signed up in 2004 and now it is 2018 so we have had our AnimeB accounts for FOURTEEN YEARS. FOURTEEN. YEARS.

    /strokes own grey beard
  5. Hey. Girl. I can't believe I had a notification left here… from 2015 apparently. Wow. In 10 years or something perhaps this notification will surprise you as much as it surprised me. Enjoy the funny feeling, you're welcome.
  6. Hey. Doctor.
  7. *grin* I passed anatomy for now, and that's more than enough =)

    I know though... medicine is no walk in the park, but it's going to get interesting now! I think being a doctor would kind of suit me, what do you think ? =)
  8. Hmm. That's a really long while.
  9. Thanks chey =DD *hug*

    As long as I could pass anatomy (the malefic subject who apparently stopped Ryo-Misaki aswell... -_-; ) things would get instantly better even... when I was studying Microbiology I could learn 5-10 pages a day in 3-4 hours... I wouldn't need to study much more than that.... and it was the second most difficult subject I tried...Physiology should be the same... let's hope for the best DD I know I'd regret it forever if I gave up....
  10. Hmmm nope not really chey! XD When I first met you I was still in high school, and even though I chose one with a lot of "medicine oriented" subjects I wasn't really studying medicine yet. A full fledged cardiologist?^^ Hmmmm 4 more years to graduate from uni I think... and 4-5 for the specialization? Not sure about these, but after the first 4 years I'd be already a doctor, a general practitioner to say, so I'd be a paid worker (with a mediocre wage at that point probably) in a hospital who'd spend more time practicing other than studying on books^^ I really look forward to it =)
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