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Conversation Between Shirakawa and

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  1. where did that come from ?
  2. you stink!
  3. But! according to my cool (and truthful) new sig, stuff you say can't be trusted, aww
  4. I already had read it! No need for a repost! we played it a lot and you know it
  5. Yes, won but not against me, since i never played that much. Versus your guildies and such! (since you preferred to play with them than with me because "they give good exp " )

    (no magic word ? )

    (lol, didnt notice!!!!, repost though!!)
  6. We played many times, many! I remember

    (please then )

    (way to post the response to your main page, not the convo, nice!)
  7. we both know its not, the amount of SO Games I've won alone are more than you've ever won in everything, sorry

    (stuff! asking questions and so on!)
  8. Could be!

    (whats wrong ? )
  9. well thats not true

  10. I like it! Next up is you to admit that ive won on most games
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