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Conversation Between Tyroki and x.Shakugan no Shana.x

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  1. well i assume alot of NZers will be moving to Austrailia soon, this is shit i didnt like helen clark but i hate john key!
  2. National. We are well and truely screwed.
  3. who won?! i didnt stay up that long.
  4. Labour is the lesser of two evils. That much is certain _
  5. well firstly i cant vote and secondly anyone who even thinks they could vote for national is an idiot, john keys is a face faced beep, i hate labour too but meh they're better than national lol
  6. I swear, if you vote National, you're an idiot >.>
  7. i see ive never left nz in my whole life lol
  8. I see. _ Remind me to break the lot of them.

    So yes. I'm a New Zealander, persay. I've lived here for the mass majority of my life.
  9. yeah um i asked some people in the chatroom if there were any nzers around here and they told me to say hi to ya pretty much n.n
  10. How did you find me? >.>
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