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Conversation Between urashima_keitarou and Mr.Anderson

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  1. no sorry i dissapear...
    i never forget this site.
    please add my fb
  2. Hi, yeah I disappeared somewhere
  3. hy there ^_^ long time no see
  4. hey there, still awake?
  5. Sure, I'll take you off the list. You could also have PMed me, make a thread about leaving or posted in the sign up thread. Also, you didn't had to delete the thread.
  6. hy mr A i think i am not talented in Roleplaying or i wanna out from that group can i ? i have delete all my thread....
  7. Yeah, YIM stands for Yahoo Instant Messenger. So my Yahoo account, I have one, but it has been ages so I don't remember
  8. no i mean yahoo account or yahoo messenger...
  9. ym account? You mean YIM Account? I think I might have one, but I have no idea which one it is
  10. hyy there , whats your ym account?
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