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Conversation Between x.Shakugan no Shana.x and lockx

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  1. oh serious lol
  2. living the days off! it wins!

    and you just missed me today.
  3. hey lockxx what up matey?!
  4. meh i'll have to check
  5. I'd have thought it would work...

    you have italic and bold on your user title. what you have to make sure you don't do is get your username and usertitle mixed up. otherwise you can affect the wrong one.
  6. hey i bought some custom username stuff, like bold, color, and they havent taken affect, my name is still the average color?
  7. ive alreAdy chatted to hinarei about it
  8. i see. You may want to check with the mod/admin peoples so they don't get you for multi.

    but i'll be happy to see you around.
  9. HikariChan was bulling me ><
  10. explain? what happened to old?
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