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Conversation Between Yonathen and hinarei

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  1. the circle of five needs you, Yon! There be a pending member
  2. oh, well aslong as it can spicen up your story, be my guest
  3. thanks for taking the time to sort through it. Next half to follow. Hope you don't mind taking a pivotal role in the story
  4. Cheers dude, imma gonna take my time and read it now
  5. no, OK. I'm relying at present on others being lazy too I'll get back to you with my findings.
  6. yeah i could delete it, but i even had some edit functions, can't remember which and too lazy to look it up for you man
  7. you can edit it? You mean delete stuff from the list? OK, thank you for letting me know Swore I'd got rid of those options...
  8. mainly the history of all the purchasable things
  9. ...OK. Thank you Mind telling me what these things are?
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