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Conversation Between Yonathen and Shinobu Angel

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  1. Yeah but still, i rarely message you here XD
  2. Does it? You've done it before.

    I'm okay though. Thank you for asking, Yon! Last I spoke to you, you were doing fine yourself.
  3. Hey how have you been!
    Wow it feels weird talking to you here
  4. Greetings back from the not-all-that-notorious north.
  5. Greetings from the down under Netherlands =3
  6. I love your Ai Yori Aoshi Theme =3
  7. Oh yes it is Takeshi Obata's artwork, i love his artwork, especially the amount of work he put in to the details.
    It's from the manga Bakuman, Aoki Ko/Yuriko
  8. What series is your avatar from? Looks like Takeshi Obata's artwork. :3;
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