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Conversation Between Yonathen and wlf-kun

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  1. Cheers!
  2. Hi and thanks for the bubbles, I'm sure they'll come in handy. A late Happy New Year from me, let's hope for a good one!
  3. Hehe, yes I'd much prefer to bring my camera down to the local kindergarten....
  4. Good, just stay clear of the Inbo cat =3 (nhk ni yokoso)
  5. That's just... cruel.... most cruel indeed I haven't found any good ones around my place either....

    If you don't fear the daylight too much and attend school and work I think you loose the right to call yourself hiki I do enjoy the safety in front of my computer as well, but being with other people actually isn't too bad, I've come to realize...
  6. no they don't they don't have one decent sushibars around here
    Hmm Hikikomori huh, i think i'm already one of them (except for the fact that i do go to school and work, but besides that i am more comfortable at home)
  7. Nothing much, really. Just trying to keep up with school and not to become a hikikomori in the process Not all that easy, at least when I have multiple anime to catch up with after a year of hiatus

    How about you? Are the Dutch kids treating you well?
  8. waddup my friend =3
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