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Thread: Burn Up Anime

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    Post Burn Up Anime

    Hello I am Kotaro, the DJ of Burn Up Anime aka BUA. I like to tell you about Burn Up Anime.

    Burn Up Anime, as I will now refer to it as BUA, is a radio show, much like a podcast. BUA is where I, and a few others, review anime, play music of various genre's, and me hosting the thing.

    Playing times are
    6pm to 8pm GMT for Friday (12 pm to 2pm GMT -6 ((central)) )
    4pm to 6 pm GMT for Saturday (10 am to 12 pm GMT -6)
    4am to 6am GMT for Sunday (10 pm to 12 am ((saturday)) GMT -6) ((central time))

    Warning: This show may cause vomiting, constipation, light head, dizzynes, and even death, wemon who are pregnet should advise there doctors before lisening to this show. Children under the age of 12 should not consume this product, this is a toxic substance. If you have no life and lisen to this show you may experiance vomiting, dizzyness, constipation and even a new life.

    Please tun in on the times listed above, I hope to see you there.

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    I am an associate of Dr K and am currently working on hooking up my own radio show, times will be varying from 2 pm ish to 9 pm ish for about an hour each session
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