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    IchixNel Supporter Captain Renji Sparrow's Avatar
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    March 2007

    The Imperial Inquisition of Nagasae Kaede Brigade Registration

    Alright... I would like to post for a new brigade on AnimeB... The Imperial Inquisition of Nagasae Kaede Brigade.

    I already have a second-in-command... Imperial Marine, and Z741 is working on our banner... It should be done in about one to two weeks.

    Our members are as follow: Me, Imperial Marine, and Z741.

    I'm sure that more people will join, so can I make this brigade, please?
    "Let me say it one more time...
    "Kuchiki Byakuya!
    "Do your bankai and fight me.
    "I will defeat you no matter what!!"
    -Bleach, Episode 58

    Lookee here...

    I am an IchixNel supporter.
    Deal with it.

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    The Strongest Servant Dark Saber's Avatar
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    September 2006
    In The Depths of Darknes
    i'm sorry to said that we already have a kaede brigade around not approved
    Last edited by hinarei; 7 Jul 2007 at 9:01 am. Reason: added linkie to existing Brigade :)



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