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    Wink Imagine this in "my" voice

    I have a new and rather amusing game for you all, witnessed and participated in on 4chan's /a/ board. Both I myself and the denizens of /a/ call it... Well, I don't know what they call it, but I call it:
    "Imagine this in "MY" voice."

    Rules are as follows: You write a rather amusing phrase from an ecchi story, a regular manga or a hentai peice, then couple it with a picture of a famous actor (usually male) to make others imagine said person speaking/whispering/screaming said phrase aloud. Many shits 'n' giggles ensue.

    Here's a very good example:

    "Onii-chan! My hipsh are moving on their own!"

    I myself know that you all can do better than that... so without further ado I say, GO FOR IT GIRLS!
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