Some things (transcripts and such) I found on the short he released last year.

September 1
Love Hina 6P shot, how was it -? (^ ^) E - mail us nostalgic for those days that多Kattari, or is reported on various news sites, and the magnitude of the response surprised.

Speaking of Love Hina, the draft was 1998, I was thinking, yet "tsundere" word or concept does not exist, so the heroine's feeling "that something" to share with the editors can not image that Naka Naka, name the hard way early on Orimashita fine. But one day, the swamp flowers editors HoneyBlue Q] [Taro's been a comic that I love - that of the hero, which showed no repeat violence. Time alone together - will come to depend on while making an excuse. That it has presented an image of a rare type heroine. I just来Mashi to pin, plus the nature of this strange, PS NOŽL] [Game Design and appearance fee referred to the steps of the heroine Shimizu, to be completed Segawa Shigeru. (Temasen look anything like the ↑, and it is true anyway (laughs))

Here is an article on the release of that weeks magazine

Everything came from the Diary on the "AILove Network" site he has