Japanese Salaryman is killed and meets a being calling itself 'god'. Salaryman rejects this false deity, who takes umbridge with this absolute lack of faith (not helped by the salarymans claims that humanity have become gods of their own, and don't need some false deity). Deity then reincarnates salaryman as a little girl in an alternate version of a war-torn Germany on the cusp of World War 1. On the plus side, magic exists. The downside? Salaryman can only use his magic if he praises the false deity. The world is then turned against Salaryman, with his only hope being that alternate germany wins the war. Salaryman just wants to try and force an easy life, but eventually vows to survive and kill the false deity.

Honestly? This is one of my favourite anime out there. Salaryman, aka Tanya Dagurechaff, is an absolutely ruthless sack of shit. Yeah, she's OP, but with the world being turned against her, and the false deity arming elements of it to actually pose a real threat, things get nasty.

This is one of those series that I'm REALLY looking forward to the next season of.