Maou-Sama (aka Satan), the demon king in some random fantasy world, has lost. Hoo boy, he's lost hard. After a long and arduous war against mankind, the hero and her entourage have finally brought the war to it's final battle at the demon kings castle. Trouble is, in defeat, the demon king and his most trusted general manage to escape through a portal to our dimension. Here, Maou takes on the name of Sadao Maou and gets a job working in fast food.

Honestly, when you go in, you don't really expect much of this one, but bloody hell does it have some prime comedy. Doing away with much of the tired old comedic routines that ended up causing anime to become rather stale for a fair few years, in favor of some absolute gold, Maou, his general, and the Hero all come together to live a fairly... well I'd like to say peaceful life, but the other world just can't stop interfering.

This one is downright hilarious, and very much worth the watch. To the point where I've watched it several times over the years.