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    Vampire Knight - Guilty Brigade [Resurrection]

    ~Vampire Knight - Guilty~
    Well the original brigade was this one but looks like it died..

    Decided that I wanted to make it become alive again if enough ppl were interested... since I've watched the Anime but not read the Manga I would start with a question like what you think about the anime and then again what do you think about the manga compared to the anime? Aswell for the ending of Season 2 VK Guilty?

    2nd question would be.... would you recommend this Anime/Manga to a male person why or why not... Myself I'm a male but I dont think boys usually would think about the romance in this anime? Thoug I have feelings and this anime really have some thats close to my own experiences of feelings.

    3rd question would be Why do you love this Anime?
    My answer is simple and shot... vampires... (Former name: Evangeline Shinso-chan - Evangeline from Negima (vampire) Shinso (well Shinso means a Perfect Vampire so...)
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    I'm a VK fan, though I only took to the manga -- the anime I had a few problems with - enough to have me not want to watch it anymore. I think I only got through 7 episodes, trying to give it a fair chance.

    I think the series can have male fans, I mean the demographic is female, but there are definitely features in the series that can attract male viewers/readers, too. ^^

    I like it because it's interesting, to me -- I'm not usually into vampy stuff, unless you count IWAV or Dracula. I like the sultriness, and I'm curious as to how things will develop. A few things so far I wasn't expecting at all. I notice though, when I read the manga, some months I'll be really into it, and others not so much. The series/manga kind of has that effect.

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