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    Exclamation Brigade Registration Thead and FAQ

    1) What is this Thead for?

    This thead is for applying for a new subforum for a brigade.

    2) Is this where I create a new brigade?

    No. Start a new thread here. All you have to do to start a brigade is to start a new thread, select officers, and start working on getting new members in to the brigade.

    3) What does it take to get a subforum for a brigade?

    OK, here's some basic standards we are looking for

    1) Each brigade should have a leader and a second in command, both of whom are active. A commander succession program is good (if the leader is gone, the second in command takes over, if the second in command and leader are gone....), so that way the brigade doesn't die if one or two key members no longer post anymore.

    2) We'd like to see a list of members, active or not. That is a plus.

    3) Don't just post a forum request and go away. Check up on it. If you notice nothing being done, permission is granted to double post to bump it up and provide more information. If the forum request is collecting dust, this tells us the interest in the subforum has gone away.

    4) We do monitor brigade discussions from time to time but we are not going to be hovering over your shoulder. We expect the brigade leaders to be active, so they can effectively run their brigade.

    5) We don't have an exact number of members required, but if you only have like 3-4, that is definitely not enough. A recommended amount is 10 *active* members. If you have less, you're not likely to get the subforum. What we mean by "Active" is that the member is active in the forum, not necessarily active in the brigade.

    6) We don't have any exact amount of activity required, but when a brigade is getting 1-2 posts a WEEK, that ain't gonna cut it.

    Rules effective April 2, 2007:

    * If a brigade, which has a subforum, dies, or goes into low activity or active membership below 10, then the subforum is deleted, all brigade mods are removed from that forum, all the topics are moved to the Love Hina/Negima/other brigades forum. If they want a new subforum, then they can requalify for it again.

    * We notice that many people are members of multiple brigades. If you are a member of multiple brigades, you have to make sure you keep your brigades active. Or else you risk your brigade losing its subforum.

    * A brigade moderator may be a b-mod of multiple brigades subforums, and/or a combination moderator of brigades and other forums.

    * If you have a brigade that is a combination of multiple characters (example: Baka Rangers Brigade) - you cannot have a subforum for any of the sub-brigades UNLESS BOTH brigades (the main one and the sub-one) can stand on their own without each other's membership and activity. So if the Asuna brigade for example, wants its own forum, it must follow the same rules. And the Baka Ranger brigade must then qualify for a subforum at the same time, WITHOUT the Asuna Brigade's activity and members. If both don't qualify, then there's no new forum for Asuna Brigade.

    * Brigade moderatorships no longer occur solely because you're a high ranking member of a brigade. You must also be a good moderator. If you want to apply as a b-mod, you must be worthy of that position. You must make a good case for being a moderator. And NO NEWBIES. Minimum three months as a member before qualifying as a b-mod.
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    ... nice
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    oops... I shouldn't write here XD
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    The subforum for applying for a subforum is now gone. If you wish to apply for a subforum please post in this thread and a admin will come by and review your request.



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