Hey fellow RPG'ers,

While the vast majority of threads are about free-form play-by-post RPs, all RP discussion is allowed so I'd like to ask if people have interest in playing the famous Dungeons and Dragons. My 3.5e and 5e books (Player's HandBook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual) have been gathering dust lately (I also have Dark Heresy 1st edition, though lacking anything but the first core rule book) and I'd like to scratch that particular itch.

Personally I prefer to play via the Theatre of the Mind, but there are online tools such as Roll20 which provide us with digital tabletops to play upon. Services like Discord allow for voice communication. I believe it's even possible to participate in Google Hangout calls (which potentially includes video) without an account.

While I prefer to be a player, as I do have the DM's Guide and MM I could potentially DM (be warned, I have no actual DM experience).

If you lack the rule books like the PHB, you can download the 'basic rules' for free on the Wizard's website. You could also get unofficial PDFs without any Google Fu.

Are there any people here interested in playing?