Was debating whether or not to post this in NBB since it's right up their street, but here'll do.

A controversial ruling on women's badminton was scrapped yesterday, amidst widespread criticism for even suggesting the move. The Badminton World Federation had suggested a plan to force women to wear "skimpy" (it's always skimpy) skirts on court instead of shorts. The proposed new dress code would have come into effect for this summer's world championships at Wembley Arena and would also apply to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Badminton chiefs originally stated the rule wasn't intended to glamorise the sport but merely to generate more interest in the flagging women's game. Interest from whom and for what reasons were not explicitly stated, but I dare say many players could do without the attention they may have garnered from potential new "fans".

The governing body was only trying to follow beach volleyball's lead (in prescribing maximum bikini sizes) and met with wholesale condemnation.

As one prominent player, Imogen Bankier (ranked 20th in the world) stated: "I understand what they are trying to do - make it more appealing to spectators and the media. I don't think women wearing skirts is going to make it more aesthetically pleasing. If people want to see women in skirts they will go elsewhere - they won't go to watch badminton."

I for one am disheartened by this, but wish more power to the women's game in any case