Well, the knife's well and truly stuck in deep now.

Our esteemed football governors, the English FA, have humiliated themselves in public again. Today's well-publicised FIFA elections (crooked, of course ) were not the stage to do what they did. Asking for a suspension of today's elections should have been started several days ago at least, when two committee members were suspended. Better yet, they should have called or it as soon as all the accusations of corruption in FIFA's executive committee were exposed.

Sepp Blatter's been elected for another four years at the top of the governing body of world footballing in an election process in which he was the only candidate. Stinks, don't it?

This was paltry politics by the FA, and on top of the England team's showing at the World Cup in South Africa as well as the torpedoed World Cup 2018 bid, was seen by many member organisations as petty attempts at revenge and face-saving. After all, the FA can't call themselves utterly clean when it comes to corruption accusations.

I'm not really seeing much to admire about football at the international level at the moment