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    Final Farwell for Fuzzy

    An unfortunate announcement; it has come to our attention that an old member of the forums has sadly passed away.
    Joined before even me and a mere 3 years after this forum's inception (already 15 years ago ), Fuzzy did not make it till 2017.
    This is assuming the forum records are accurate, which I can't guarantee. Though my own join date is accurate as my trusty inbox informs me. Registration had prompted Animeb's system to send my password to me.. In plain text. Oh the times.

    Although I've spoken to Fuzzy on, the now defunct, MSN Messenger my interactions on the forums weren't as plentiful as I would've liked. So let's take a stroll through memory lane.
    Our Fuzzy Okinawan resident and I most likely met in the Project: ASR Flag thread about a month after I joined. A call to stamp the Army of Su Republic's (mostly Su-sama's) identiy onto a flag to unite under. A multipage thread where he valliantly tries to inspire order to the chaos that is us all.

    Similarly we both got involved in another Su-sama related thread about two weeks later Su Kaolla or Kaolla Su? where I was introduced to Fuzzy's excellent memory, willingness to help and more. The thread continues for a bit with most participants remaining active and surprisingly cohesive.

    I remember seeing his posts quite often though and one of the reasons might be massive threads like Negima Manga Discussion *Spoilers inside* which racked up to 2249 posts discussing the newest scanlations of Negima. But not only that, Fuzzy started an impressive 7 picture threads to share in our shared hobby.

    Even more impressive, a total of 17 Character Quizes are on his name. The latter 13 sporting 130 questions (about 3 characters, split up in parts) and the first 4 a mindboggling 200 questions.
    Showing someone dedicated to anime, manga, it's fans and it's home (Animeb of course) as well as someone who learned to spread the workload, including delegation with Project: Create Quizes. If possibly optimistic about other member's productivity.

    Someone who was grateful for Animeb (like I assume most of us are) for what role it plays (or played) in our lives.
    Someone who, on several occassions announced depature from Animeb (unlike yours truly who just disappears) and yet always found his way back home.

    I think we can all agree; it was a blast Fuzzy and thanks.

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    Rest in peace old friend. You've gone off into that great Adventure ahead of us, but are still fondly remembered by those of us still over here.

    you can read it here on animeb by going to:



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